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Level 3 Activation: Winter Weather Event 1/29/2010 UPDATED 9:45am 1/30

The State EOC in Raleigh will activate on Saturday, January 30th to support operations related to the winter event.  The state, National Weather Service and local utility companies are expecting significant snowfall with a high potential for disruption of power.

ARES is currently in LEVEL 3/Minimal Deployment mode in support of the State EOC.  We are currently “deployed from home” and maintaining awareness via WebEOC for actual deployment where needed.

Those of you who have completed the required training will be able to deploy.  Others who have not yet become compliant may be able to fill a role as a liaison station (from home).

If you are available to work this event, please contact me or Tom Brown with your availability.  Our contact information is listed on the Leaders page.

At this time, Wake County EM is still planning their initial response. It is likely that the Wake EOC will be activated, and may or may not need Amateur Radio backup.

Please review our Activation Levels and take the necessary steps to secure your safety.


Stephen Misel K4WEB

DEC Central Branch

Update: 1/29/10 @9:45am: Per NCEM briefing, State EOC will activate in the evening of January 30th, not January 29th as previously stated.

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